The senseBox:edu is a toolbox which helps teach programming to students and junior researchers in a playful manner.

The Arduino-based set of electronic components is used to build increasingly complex circuits, which are controlled via a microcontroller.

Along with the learning resources provided on these pages, young students can gather experience in (Arduino) programming and electronic circuits with hands-on training.

About this book

In this book, all the resources regarding senseBox:edu may be found. This includes tutorials, exercises, example projects, as well as links to downloadable material.

All content is published under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license to provide the community with the free use and development of senseBox:edu.

Contributions (improvements to existing content, or entirely new content) are appreciated! We're happy to include documentation you have made for projects using senseBox in this book. To do so, have a look at our contribution guide.

The source code for this book is available on GitHub, where you may also leave feedback about this book.

If you’d like to download this book as a PDF document for printing, check out our download section.

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