Contributing Projects

If you developed a senseBox project on your own and did document it, you may add it to this book!

Besides new project tutorials we also appreciate any improvements or corrections to the existing content!


Such a documentation should provide an overview over the project as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to build the project, photos and code may be included as well.

Make shure you provide all information required to reproduce your project with a senseBox:edu kit!

If you are familiar with GitHub, you may send your documentation to us through a Pull Request in the markdown format. Please refer to the guide below if you encounter issues.

Alternatively you can easily author the documentation in Office, and send it to us via mail. We will incorporate the file into this book.

Should it be applicable to your project, please use our project template (markdown, odt Office document) as a starting point.

Content License

Your contribution will be added under the same CC BY-SA 4.0 license as our content. This means, that the content may be freely adopted by others, as long as the authors name is provided with the content.

Thank you for your contribution!

Writing the documentation in Markdown

For this book's management we use and the tool GitBook, all content is written in markdown.

The documentation should be written in markdown, so the content can be directly included in the book. If you are not familiar with markdown, have a look at an explanation and syntax-explanation here.

To streamline the writing of markdown we recommend dedicated editors, such as the web-editor stackedit.

File structure

Place your documentation file in the directory en/community_projects/.

If you want to include additional resources, place them in a subfolder with the same name:

Filenames may not include any spaces!

Uploading the documentation

To provide us your documentation, you can insert it in the book yourself by submitting a pull request on GitHub. The source code of this book is hosted on GitHub. Fork this repository, add your content there, and create a new pull request.

In case you are unfamiliar with the GitHub process, have a look at a GitHub contribution guide.

Alternatively to working directly on GitHub, there is also a editor, wich might simplify the process. However we didn't try that one.

If none of that works, just send us your contribution written in markdown via mail.

Having issues? Mail our support!

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