Arduino Shields

A shield is a board that can be plugged into the top of an Arduino to extend its functionalities. You can easily plug a shield into the pins of an Arduino to get a compact and modular upgrade.

You can find a shield inside the box of the senseBox:edu created for internet connection. Depending on your version, you will see a red ethernet shield or a blue WiFi shield to connect your senseBox to the internet via ethernet or WLAN.

Additionally you will find a green senseBox shield on which a real-time clock, a microSD card reader and further connections are mounted.

Features of the ethernet shield

Our ethernet shield is a modified version of the official arduino shield. Therefore, the official Ethernet.h library will not work. Please use our versions of this library (see Downloads).

Please note: After installing our library, the Arduino IDE will most likely ask you to update the ethernet library. Please refuse this.

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