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  1. Arduino & Breadboard: All of the senseBox experiments are based on the main board. It consists of an Arduino Uno microcontroller, a senseBox shield, as well as a breadboard. The breadboard enables plug & play interconnection of electronic components on its many conductive lines. It has two pairs of vertical lines (marked with + and -), and 30 horizontal lines with 5 connectors each (marked a to e, resp. f to j).

    The senseBox shield is an Arduino extension board, that is plugged in on top of the Arduino connectors. It provides a microSD-card slot for data storage, a real-time clock, as well as additional I²C connectors. The RTC will be enabled as soon as the battery is inserted into the shield.

  2. Power supply: During programming and experiments, you can provide power to the microcontroller via the included USB cable. Once you have completed your project, you may run the Arduino without a computer attached by using the included power supply.

  3. Batterypack: A batterypack allows you to use your senseBox on the go! This is especially useful if you want to do measurements at multiple different places.

  4. Ethernet- or WiFi-Shield: The senseBox includes another shield for network connectivity. Depending on the senseBox version, this is a red ethernet shield or a blue WiFi-shield. By attaching this to the arduino, you can upload your data to the openSenseMap for example.

  5. Wires: Besides the USB-B cable, there are many jumper wires with mixed male and female connectors included. These allow you to build your circuits on the breadboard in no time! Also there is a cable for the batterypack included.

  6. Sensors and electronic components: The following list shows all the sensors and other electronic parts that are needed for the experiments:

    • Air temperature and humidity sensor (HDC1008)
    • Air pressure and temperature sensor (BMP280)
    • Optical infrared distance sensor (GP2YA)
    • Ultrasound distance sensor (HC-SR04)
    • Light intensity sensor (TSL45315)
    • UV-A light intensity sensor (VEML6070)
    • Photo resistor
    • Microphone (CEM-C9745JAD462P2.54R)
    • 5mm LEDs (red, green, yellow)
    • RGB-LED (BL-L515)
    • Resistors (470 Ω and 10 kΩ)
    • Push buttons
    • Potentiometers
    • Piezo-Buzzer
    • 2GB microSD card and SD-Adapter
    • Battery for senseBox shield (CR-1225)

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